February 14, 2008

bbc looks for love in the wrong places

how’s that headline for a taste of their own medicine?

either the bbc is turning very short-sighted about all matters related to india, or they are plain lazy and should simply pass the job to someone else.

it’s not been too long since i mentioned this before, and the bbc does it again (check out all the pictures from 1 to 8). is that the only picture they could find about indians ‘celebrating’ valentine’s day? why show nice, gooey-romantic images from the rest of the world, and portray india as an enemy of the idea of love, which in fact, is not the case at all.

i bet there *must* have been an archie‘s shop just around the corner from where pic#8 was shot, overflowing with red heart-shaped balloons, mushy-mushy cards and big, huggable teddy bears. also, will someone direct the bbc (and check if their eyes are wide open) to any one of the over-100-shopping malls in mumbai itself, or, the remaining 258 in the rest of india. here, this directory should help.

i have been following bbc news faithfully for quite a few years now. but these days i find their reporting to have turned anti-everything-india for some reason. look at their own news items on valentine’s day here (2007), and here (2002). why be different now? yes, there are anti-valentine protesters in india, but i would think the news is about the millions other indians, who easily outnumber them every year, and even make some extra money while they are at it.

to those second-, third-generation indians sitting abroad and reading misleading reports about their home country on the bbc, i think this is sad, and really, really unfair.

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  • Deepan said:

    hi – I sort of agree with what you have to say. The pics and the story don’t match.

    Having said that the Beeb tries to stick to its principle of presenting the complete picture and background. The idea being that the output should be ‘balanced’. That is easier said than done in India and it continues to outfox even the most seasoned Indian reporters, forget about some outsider trying to look at the country abd trying to come up with a ‘balanced’ report.

    These articles aside, the view inside BBC is certainly not of short sightedness. They have been tracking India since forever and more stuff in their archives than I have ever seen or heard in India. India is a growing power and BBC knows that it can not afford to be lazy on it or it would simply lose viewership in the country and Indians abroad.

    To put my comment in context – I am an Indian, work for the BBC , and not a journalist. We can discuss more at – deepanb(at)gmail.com

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