August 1, 2003

the quilt and other stories

everybody knows its wicked, but how delicious it is sometimes to steal a little something when no one’s looking… — ismat chughtai (1915-1991), from the story chhoti apa.

loveable, ticklish, yet very intelligent and mature; for the first time i’ve come across a writer whose style i can relate to, and so badly want to imitate.

ismat chughtai wrote at a time when women writers were under the purdah of society and tradition. she shot to fame and controversy with lihaaf (the quilt), where she cleverly narrates the story of a (sexual) relationship between two women, observed through the naive eyes of a child, not to forget, belonging to the times of pre-independant india.

also commendable is the translation from urdu by tahira naqvi and syeda s hameed.

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  • Inasu said:

    fascinating the unfolding of your first name

    I have just finished reading Tharoor’s THE GREAT INDIAN NOVEL; Hilariously insightful,
    I found.

    Been able to read translations from Indian languages into English?

    Good reading and good wishes from Paris

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