April 28, 2003

taking a moment…

there’s so much happening around me these days, lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head too. strangely i haven’t felt like putting them down on my journal…

perhaps its the return of the blogger’s block, perhaps it isn’t. perhaps i don’t know what to call it and i just don’t feel like writing. for now.

maybe if i list some of the 🙂 and the 🙁 this month, it might help me get back to where i left from…


very surprised and very happy: one of my BEST friends just got engaged! just like that!
unforgettable: our (just praveen and me) one-day trip to bournemouth, in spite of a chilly-bitey-wet-and-windy day. pictures coming soon
exciting: to be back in touch with a friend from home. mayu, this is you
welcoming: the change in weather…leaves, sunshine, rains, sunshine, lots of green around
busy: freelancing, and with friends rashmi and zubin at home.
talkative: rashmi, very talkative (:-p)
learning: life, me, in an extended family.
waiting: eagerly for my in-laws visiting mid-may. and for the delicious spices and pickles in amma-in-law’s suitcase 😉
biting: into the yummy donuts zubin gets, almost twice a week!
refreshing: my 20- to 30-minute vipassana sessions before bedtime, every night (since a month now). can’t miss. won’t miss.
amusing: from my window right now, i see a squirrel precariously hanging from a birdhouse, stealing all the nuts inside! someone’s going to complain of a tummyache today!
satisfying: crispy home-grown spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
amazing: outside, a pink and blue twilight sky after a drizzly rainy reminding-me-of-bombay day.


unforgivable: missed a seat on the creative writing class i was so desperate to join, just by a few hours.
frustrating: my blogger account. something’s wrong, again. which is why i cannot update my just-like-that box.
worried: sars in india. sars worldwide.
painful: waiting for the nhs to grant me an appointment with a doctor for my back.
unfinished: abandoned potential journal entries on my to-post file
touching: email and comments from friendly strangers, ordering me to write.

April 3, 2003

i can now call myself

i can now call myself a ‘freelancer’, finally. methinx working from home is quite cool.

April 1, 2003

april phool :-)

april phool 🙂