February 26, 2007

sau din athri ke

meet athri praveen ramanathan, my new director and boss, all of a 100 days old today. you don’t suppose he could be up to any mischief, do you?


yeah, right…

February 7, 2007

a new beginning

my first post in a long time, albeit ammani-esqe…

She irons her old shirt and pyjamas, a habit she has almost forgotten. She has been having quick showers lately, praying that her infant son doesn’t wake up howling for milk. Tying up her hair in a hurried knot, she glances at the mirror, at the months of neglect that stare back at her. Ugly, undone eyebrows, the million blackheads, that always tired face. Behind her, the infant kicks the air excited. His mother has that fresh smell again. When she turns, he gives her a high-pitched happy cackle that is so precious these days. “Mummeee! I love you just the way you are!” say his eyes, brimming with life. She thanks him with a warm cuddle and a kiss, the new love causing a lump in her throat. Putting him down again, she then reaches out for her moisturiser.