May 24, 2000

hi! me again!

i’ve been reading and thinking a lot…no, not at the same time.
when i left bangalore i wondered if this is where my future lies…when i reached home i wondered the same. the answer, to both, was not satisfactory…in fact, if you ask me, there was no answer at all. so in effect i dont know where i belong.
but hey, maybe life is the journey, and not the destination…so well, who cares!

havent chatted with rajeev today, but i did email him…hope he had a great time at the grand canyon. i think i’m glad he’s my friend. so what if we have never met each other as yet.

will catch up with the rest of my friends tomorrow…the chipsters and dhaval and sameer and sanjeev and hari. hope sanjeev doesnt mind if harkins is around. no, i dont think he would mind…after all hagar’s a great friend to both of us too 😉

dhaval teased me about him today…asked me if i want his ph number…do i? yes. will i? i dont think so. got enough pressures to keep me occupied i guess. no, this time, i’m going to be harsh to my heart.

dear ceres…

i’m glad i’m home though confused and all…well, nothing new in that i guess 😉
came home after a very tiring bus journey, but the look of surprise on the faces of my parents and sis compensated for all that fatigue…
had an adventurous week – at the wedding and after, at my cousin’s place…we scared away a thief!!

May 20, 2000

ready to leave :-)

went to ramanja mama’s house last evening. had a nice time with mama-square, r-mama, venki and others.
still waiting for my bus tickets so i can go home…though i’m all packed up and ready to go 🙂

just mailed my parents and told them about the three lizards i killed!! i’m sure they’ll have a hard time believing this!!

rajeev might not come on the chat today…neither will sanjeev. chat is not addictive, like dhaval used to say, at least not yet for me…but it sure feels comforting to know there are friends around…

okie! gotta get back to work now !

May 19, 2000

another day

another day. things look brighter. and i think i’ll be able to handle her absence well…

i was afraid i wont get a break before sharmela leaves. but i told her today and she agreed.

“ask and you will get”…such a simple rule!

i’m going to surprise my parents early next week. it will be fun. i’ll attend the housewarming on 25th morning and come back to office on friday. everything will be all right 🙂

perhaps i was feeling ‘trapped’ because that was how sharmela felt. but now that she is ‘free’, am i not also?

May 18, 2000

i’m hooked on to LJ!

wow! two updates within three hours!! i think i’m going to get addicted to this !

came across a ‘sher’ that reminded me of what gourav had told me one day…thought i should record it here…
it goes something like this:

“khud ko kar buland itnaa..
ke himaalay ki choti pe jaa pahunche..
aur khuda tumse puche…
bol musafir, teri merzi kya hai?”

its amazing how we come across something just when you need it the most, but dont know what…
sharmela’s quitting this month and i dont know how i’m going to handle the scene out here. but with this verse …i think NOW i’m ready to take on the challenge :-))
here’s wishing all the best to me!!

first post

this is my first day at live journal…and its also been an eventful one (no, i’m not referring to the logging in part).
thanks jace! i think this really is a neat idea 🙂