June 16, 2005

at home, away from home

back at hemel

and i-am-sooo-relieved

these days i catch myself sighing…

at the broadband connection

at the just-five-channels on tv, and how

for me, when it doesn’t exist.

at my study-corner

where i type this.

at the silence outside my home,

the silence inside me

at the clocks going tick-tock.

everywhere in my garden –

at the plants growing carefree

at the plants that didn’t survive

at the birds that come and go

at the 16-hour-daylight

and the 18-degree summer breeze


…at the routines i welcome

washing, cooking, ironing

the to-do lists, the daily chores

at the effort of unpacking –

sorting, adding, keeping aside

something ‘for charity sake’.

at the time i get to myself

at home, in the local market

at the library

spotting indian faces

amid the white and blond

at the smooth transactions

the announcements, the queues


…at the way the traffic flows

around car parks and superstores

at the order in the chaos

called life.


  • fon said:


  • deepu said:

    truly happy for u….but can’t help saying this: you sound like an NRI!! boo hoo :-p

  • Chakra Sampath said:

    Great to see you back! 🙂

  • Anonymous said:

    Welcome back!! Hoep you are feeling better. You were missed!!

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