December 26, 2004

someone owes us an explanation. right?

this very helpful page tells us how and why earthquakes happen.
this page, and this page shows us the earthquakes had been occurring since december 22, 2004, right along the tectonic plates (refer to image on the ‘why earthquakes happen’ link). so does this page.

i am not a student or authority on seismology or natural disasters. my basic common sense tells me there is a purpose for those colourful charts and readings. a disclaimer does say the readings could be inaccurate, but i wonder if anyone could be sued for saving a life, once in a while.

so is it just me? or does anyone else agree that there could have been a decent warning?

mood: angry X-(


  • mehak said:

    hi radhikha…..was hopping around…landed here..nice page..

  • RM said:

    I have been reading your journal for a while and am a fan. I am frustrated as well. An early warning system that went off soon after the quake was triggered in Indonesia would have helped in evacuating fisherman from the sea and people from the beaches. All those innocent lives lost…people enjoying morning walks on the beach…kids playing cricket..

  • nimi said:

    I heard from my mom back home that there are all kinds of warnings and false predictions going on in Kerala creating a panicky situation! It breaks my heart to see the pictures of lifeless bodies of small children being carried in by their parents.

  • Mahesh Nair said:

    Surfing the through cyberspace mess i landed in this cute site well written..i also agree to your opinion about the early warning system that should have been in place

  • Reshma said:

    Your anger is felt everywhere.let’s hope there won’t be any more of such tragic or even criminal overlooking of security…wish you and your dear ones the very best this New year!happiness and peace always.

  • kris said:

    hi rads,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now.Wish you and your family a very happy new year.Here are 2 links that let us ponder how science could have helped many.


  • najeeb said:

    well,there was an article on NYTimes about how the scientist from USGS was lagging behind the waves in modelling the consequences of the earth quake in the ocean. The bottomline is that the indian ocean was never equipped to track tsunamis –
    Another one of those things overlooked in 3rd world countries.

  • Sree said:

    I also wants to have a page for my self , but don’t know where to start . Could you tell me how to / how expensive is to have a web page for my self.

  • s said:

    hey rads,
    been reading ur journal for a while now..and i think you’re good at ur art work!
    Do drop by my journal at’s mostly abt two things I love, New York City and travelling!:)

  • Colors said:

    No post yet in the new year? Eagerly waiting!!

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