December 15, 2004

why happy buddays should remain happy

birthdays have always been memorable for me…

i find it difficult to sleep all night, thinking of how the day ahead is going to be. then i wake up early, and trouble everyone within five miles of my sight 🙂

for me, birthdays are sacred. schooldays were when i was always bullied around, but on this day, i wouldn’t care. it was like i was carrying an open secret inside me, brimming with a silent excitement, looking expectantly at teachers and brightening up everytime they wished me a happy birthday with a little kiss on my then-verry-chubby-cheeks. i remember my mother slipping tiny silver payals (anklets) around my feet while she *thought* i was asleep; i remember my father holding my tiny hand and walking me to the nearby temple one misty december afternoon… as years went by, i remember my friends coming home, and then me taking them out when i was working. the gifts were not important, the wishes were, except when it came to one very close friend who once made a grown-up girl carry four white and blue balloons all the way home!

call me shameless, call me greedy, but i make it a point to collect every wish, every small joy, and treasure them all through the year, till the next birthday comes along. i guess kya karen, v are like this only! totally in contrast with praveen, who remembers nothing of his last birthday (which was just two days ago)…

birthdays haven’t been the same since i’ve come to the uk…no sarson ka saag and parrippu pradaman made by amma, no flowers at midnight (praveen prefers gifting the entire plant, but there’s something about fresh flowers no? ;-), not as many wishes as i would like (owing to geographical distances and lack of friends here!)…

but last night i decided that this time would be different. i decided to gather as many wishes as i could, and that i would be happy no matter what i did…after all, it only comes once a year! and guess what? it’s worked!

zubin came over late last night with a cake; my wishjar has been a hit and praveen gifted me keri smith‘s activity journal. i pampered myself with a homemade besan+turmeric+rosewater paste followed by a quick shower; cooked one of my favourite dishes that i had never tried before, (and it was yummmm)! somehow i’ve been on the phone with someone or the other since 5:00 am! i spoke for over 40 minutes with my cousin and bhabhi in the US, maasis and mamas called, cousins emailed, and this year i reminded three people (one friend, two colleagues at the pharmacy where i work part-time) that it was my birthday and so they *must* wish me. the friend who i was chatting with online instantly called me from mumbai…

phew! i’ve been having a terrific time, and i’m exhausted, but i still haven’t had enough! so go ahead, do your good deed for the day…i’m still collecting ze wishes 😉


  • Vijayeta said:

    Just checked your page today after the last time and am glad to be in time to wish you a happy birthday. This year mine slipped by and for some reason at age 25, I’ve lost my sense of adventure with birthdays. Glad to know you still have yours!

  • reshma said:

    Happy Birthday! You are so irresistable:)

  • Anonymous said:

    Happy Birthday to you, Radhika!!! If you mentioned before, I would have even sent you a gift to reach you on your birthday!

  • anumita said:

    Oops! That was me about sending the gift!!

  • Chakra said:

    Belated wishes Radhika!

    Why didn’t I check this site a day before? hmm..

  • Colors said:

    Radhika…Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    Hope you had a great time and wish you a wonderful year ahead.

  • radhika said:

    dear all…thank you so much for all your wishes! it’s been fun collecting them 🙂

    vijayeta: it’s still not too late you know! and i’m way ahead of 25!

    chakra: it’s not entirely your fault…i too could post this entry only by late afternoon (i was so busy on the phone!!)

    anumita: i never say no to gifts, so they’re still welcome 😉

    once again, thanks everyone 😡
    take care and good luck you too!

  • Sandeep said:

    Belated birthday wishes.

    I’ll give you two clues to guess who I am:
    1. Stuart Little
    2. Jace

  • deneglka said:

    Cool site of course people!

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