September 7, 2004

yoghurt-rice (thairchadam)

ask any kerala-iyer about his/her favourite food that they can eat anytime in the day and they’ll say thairchadam even before you blink. also considered to be healthy for your system, thairchadam or yoghurt-rice requires the least effort on your part as far as cooking goes. all you require is some cooked rice (preferably left-over from lunch or dinner the previous night), and some curd.

here’s what you need for the seasoning:

mustard seeds – one tsp
jeera/cumin – one tsp
two finely chopped green chillies
chana dal – one tsp
urad dal – one tsp
one dry red chilly
a pinch of asafoetida or hing
few curry leaves
one-inch-piece ginger – finely chopped
one pod of garlic – finely chopped (optional)
few small madras onions – finely chopped (optional)

— mix the rice and curd well.
— add the salt
— heat a small pan with some oil and add the chana and urad dal
— add the mustard and jeera seeds and when they begin to splutter…
— add the hing, chillies and rest of the seasoning ingredients
— take the pan off the gas and pour its contents over the curd-rice.

mix well and enjoy with some lime or mango pickle 🙂

the best accompaniment for any long journey, curd or yoghurt-rice will not go stale for a long time. it might just go sour, as is the property of yoghurt. to avoid this, my mother used to add some milk along with the rice and curd. that reminds me of another tasty alternative that she often prepares…

if you want to have curd-rice in a hurry and don’t have the time to cook the rice, use flattened rice flakes, also known as poha. wash some poha well and drain all the water. leave it aside for about ten minutes, while you get rest of the ingredients ready. if you have a cucumber in your fridge, grate it until you get about quarter the quantity of the poha and keep aside. now mix the curd and poha and grated cucumber, and add the salt. add the rest of the seasoning ingredients as above and enjoy!

you can use grated cucumber even with normal rice, i like it that way. my sister also likes to add dessicated coconut with the rice. that tastes yumm too 🙂


  • Aji said:

    Yentha radhika, no non-veg recipes.

  • Jaidev said:

    Yummy, mouth watering – infact u can also crush some more molagai and have it. More as in butter milk, and molagai as in chilli. U soak the small red chillis in salty butter milk and then dry them on a terrace roof top and then fry them in oil to make these yummy delicacies. They sadly may not be the best healthy foods but are divine for taste buds and best combination with you thair sadam aka Yogurt/Curd Rice.

    Any wedding extravaganza menu without this is a let down for me. it really cools your tummy after u have all the spicy, oily obese stuff.

    Damn i need to have this soon.

  • cyberrowdy said:

    or thairusaadam? yenna radhika thamilil thairumchaadam ennu thaan cholleray?

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