August 9, 2004

why i’m staying…

this morning

strange noises
brought me
to the window

the sky
dark with clouds

schools of them
on the rooftops
while the geese
they flew south/west
(i think)

this was not
the first time
i had heard them

i was talking to amma
using a phonecard
it was winter then

when will you come home?
she had asked

today it is pleasant
after a week
of scorching sun
and rain all night

the grass wet and loose
mud sticking to our shoes
while we walked
in the park
just before eight
my husband and i

go home, he said
for your back
get yourself treated…

i thought
of the events
the recent past

a friend
lost his sister
barely twenty
another called

lost her brother
she said
three years ago

over chat with amma
i told her how
these days
i think
about life and death
and us in between

it is like a game
of musical chairs
she said
yes, said i
just that
the music plays
just once

at the window
this morning
i watched
and wondered…

summer’s here
still, then

why are the geese
flying south?


  • amma said:

    what is the use of knowledge when it is not used in action? u have attended vipasana 3 times! come on now use your knowledge and you will know why you are staying!

  • bablu said:

    Nice clear clean layout !!!
    Too bad we cant use most of the knowledge we gain.
    But thats life. U R destined to do something. All d almighty’s game.

  • devesh said:

    stay: synonyms: continue, endure, keep on, last, linger, persevere, persist, remain, rest, stand fast, stay, stick around, survive, tarry.

    ask not questions to which answers predominantly emerge in shape of an emotion only.

  • Supriyo said:

    Nice poem!
    Very evocative.

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