October 17, 2001

of words and power management

i found a few old chip (now digit) issues and i was reminiscing the golden days — first at the bandra office, and then at taj building, before i left for bangalore.

apart from the soft toys and plants that adorned gulnar’s desktop and mine, one other attraction (ok, distraction) was my screensaver. it was set at one minute, and so everytime a colleague would stop by (for official or informal chat) for over 60 seconds, the next 60 seconds would invariably spark off a discussion about what was written on my screen. here are a few favourites, along with the names of who put them in:

don’t think of the pink elephant
— my first screensaver at chip. i was so overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done, and the standards expected by me, this little scrolling marquee kept me going anytime.

10 pages a day, from start to finish!
— gourav. so i work efficiently (er, that’s ten microsoft-word documents)

what does the tree do when it does not rain?
— my teacher shubhangi karnik. and boy! did this question start a guessing game each time.

what is the soul of music?
— me. it was one of those philosophy-tickling questions that young (male) professors ask a 99-percent-all-girl-class at college. of course, only i came up with the answer (hint? shhh…;-)

little bird, soaring in the sky
epitome of a winner
tell me, fair feathered friend
why do you eat worms for dinner?

sean, my favourite *cartoonist. irrespective of whether or not sean and i had something to talk about, i would burst into giggles the moment he stepped into my bay. as for sean, he wore the look that said “hey, guess what prank i’ve been up to today” and always stopped by — as if he thought it was his birthright to read or even change my screensaver!

* [update: find out what sean’s cartoons are doing today, to good old marketing and communicatoonz. (oops!)]

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