June 13, 2001


10:30 am, office. It’s raining heavily outside, most of us in the office are already drenched. just then…


what was that!

what was that again? wrapper? papad? CHIPS?!

crunch! mmmmmmmmmmm…. CARRUnch!

Grrr what’s going on! it’s all over the office!

crunch! crunch!


just then i felt a gentle tap on my shoulder…
rupali was smiling, and she was holding a giant bag of mexican tacos


my hand needed no instruction from my brain. next moment, i too was adding to the noise.

mmmm… rainy season, such a perfect time for noisy munchies, hot chocolate (or tomato juice, if you prefer), a cosy mattress to sink in, and calvin and hobbes!

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