February 14, 2001

valentine’s day? bah!

7:30 am: a courier delivery boy knocks on my door. there is no name on the packet he’s brought, but he has been directed to the correct address.

(today’s valentine’s day! nodding my head in disbelief at the lengths people can to to express themselves, i left the packet in rupali’s room. er…she has a fiance, i dont, not yet 😉

10:00 am: the mystery intensifies. the answer is in the gift packet. but who’ll open it?

(i came to office and told rupali about it. but she was positive it did not belong to her. both of us felt like we were in college, where nameless gifts are sent by anonymous senders. tickled with this sudden change in our routine lives, we giggled so much, i would have been embarrassed to hear myself again!)

1:30 pm: there is only one way to know. we’re going home this afternoon to open the gift, together.

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  • Lamar Cole said:

    Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.

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