January 8, 2001

finally, my back is off my mind!

there IS a cure!

every specialist i visited only said there’s no cure for my backache, because it was a deeper ‘bone problem.’ “er, i could prescribe some painkillers…” no sir, thank you.

i am very fussy when it comes to visiting a doctor, and my nagging backache had only made me more skeptical. but eight years, four x-rays, three specialists and failed attempts at physiotherapy and medicine later, i finally found a reassuring doctor, and alternative medicine.

i’d only heard of it till today, and it was my granny who convinced me to give it a try. the conditions…i had to be extremely patient and tolerant. hmmm, did i have a choice?

she was right.

dr acharya is said to fight pain with pain. and he uses what is called acupuncture.

my initial reaction was that of curiosity. and i guess this time it did get the better of me 😉
to my surprise, after the initial diagnosis, the doctor asked me if i could handle the pain if it got much worse, for another year. but then he also assured me that i’ll be cured. i agreed.

starting today, i would be treated with electro-acupuncture.

it is going to be a slow and painful journey. eight copper-head needles are inserted in my back and for 30 minutes every day for 15 days, a minor battery current will be passed through them. this process will again repeat after 15 days, and so on for the entire year. phew!

gawd! if it wasnt so serious it would be funny. now i know what a cell phone must feel like when it is being charged!

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