August 28, 2000

o darling, yeh hai india!

hyderabad gets flooded because of bad town-planning– 60 lakh people against the “planned” 5 lakh! and just where do the extra 55 lakh go, huh??

two states are held to ransom by a man who is smaller that his moushtache, and this two-dimensional sandalwood smuggler actually manages to get them fighting among themselves too!

two chief ministers try to free an ageing actor from the clutches of an aspiring villian.
supposing the hostage were a common man, would these ministers be even half as much concerned??

times of india splashes its front page with concern about the grand-daughter of the nation-priyanka’s pre-mature labour pains, rather than spare at least a mention about a major gulf air crash, which did not leave a single survivor on board, or off it.

ministers throw their weight around by beating up hospital wards, while rajat sharma of zee news sows very huge and obvious seeds of controversy in the country, with his morcha-tickling poll questions…

o boy, just what is it that i still love about this country?!

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