August 28, 2000

dont i just lllllove surprises!

sanjeev put away his office work for today (for me, for me) and called me over to his house at andheri. i got lost, as usual, reached 45 minutes late, had garrrram-garam coffee at his place, talked to aunty for a while …and then sanjeev and i went, walking, to VERSOVA beach!!!

o boy! i just lllllovve surprises!

the entire day was so unpredictable…i did not for once think of what i’d be doing in the next five minutes!

waking up at 8:30 in the morning (EIGHT-THIRTY!!)

packing my clothes for my new life at nerul

talking to sanjeev’s mom on the phone and later being invited home by sanjeev (hee hee, i’m sure it was she who made him cancel his work-plans)

losing my way and getting off the bus on the other side of andheri on some god-forsaken bridge

getting drenched to the teeth, even before landing up at his place,

receiving another gift!– an ethnic-horse-and-giraffe-and-elephant-on-string-bell that sanjeev got for me from delhi, where he had gone to meet his prospective pop-in-law, anu’s jat-rajput dad (shudder!).

methinx i’m the happiest when its raining, and when I AM the rain! it had been pouring a-l-l the time and i was as wet as ever, the entire day!
tch tch, ceres, it doesnt take much to please you does it?

anywayz, i wonder why, but i never felt like leaving sanjeev’s home today…was it because i havent really “talked” to anyone for over…ummm, eight months now? i’m glad i got this break today. 🙂

sometimes there are people who cross our paths just once in a lifetime, and yet leave so much to be said…

i wonder what it is, between sanjeev’s mom and me? i doubt if even she would have a clue about these strong vibes (!!?) i’m really curious, and i also like her so much, though we’ve met just once. and she feels the same too!

aunty thinks perhaps it is some past-birth funda. wow! wish i could fully agree with her!! can it really be…?

am looking forward to meeting her again, and to our looooong chat which we actually scheduled for february 2001, when she’ll come to stay over at my place in nerul.

i wonder where my life would have taken me then?

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