August 22, 2000

finally! i get over my blogger’s block!

i think this exercise of re-reading my journal is helping me 🙂

i can already feel my blogger’s-block wearing off. i made myself a promise that i’ll update my journal each day. and i’m not going to keep it private either.

but methinks i’ll start fresh tomorrow; its getting late now, and knowing me, i’ll go on and on and on…

i cannot resist blogging just some of the highlights of the day though:

1) rajeev finally was online today and we chatted after three whole weeks. god! we chatted twice in five hours – when he was still in office at 9:30 and later when he finally left for home at about 12:30.
btw, he’s about 11 hours behind us, and i just love teasing him about it 😉

he said he’s postponed his visit to bombay by another two months. but that means he’ll be here only in december!! can’t help wondering if we’ll actually ever get to “talking” when he comes down. he said he’s a capricorn.

but we had an interesting time blaming each other for not keeping in touch, and we did that for 15 minutes! like little kids!!! hmph, and he even called me a villian.


2) after a long long time, dhaval and i decided to go for a lunch date today. he’s changed so much but he still made me wait for 20 minutes! of course the venue for the highly-awaited session was the jasubhai cafetaria itself!

i realised that if i dont get over my past soon, i’ll lose a good friend like dhaval too ! but i dont want to do that either.

such a tough choice! especially when you have a friend like dhaval who can just see through you and guess what you are going through!!

but hey we had a great time! thanx to the two new bengali babumoshais from network computing who ‘datecrashed’ into us. and since each of them sat on either side of chachu (dhav) and me, we could not ‘talk’ at all! i thought the entire date business was so funny!
and since both of them were bongs (damn i forgot their names again!) i asked them to teach me…the language is so sweet.

i told them i felt bengali was very much like gujarati, and while one of the bongs stared at me as if i’ve offended his mothertongue, the other guy agreed! i was so glad to see that someone actually agreed with what i said and i went on to speak the words i’d learnt from romit about seven-eight months back.

i think it was a good exercise. here’s why:

lunch was over before i had to make any efforts to get-back-on-the-same=wavelength with dhaval (he had scolded me almost to tears a week back, and then he went to south africa, and i couldnt even make up and say sorry, but i wasnt really sorry, was i?).

i got to polish how-much-ever little i knew of bengali, and rekindle my hopes of learning the language and visit calcutta (at least once)

erm, i think i seemed to made an impression on one of the guys 😉

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