August 19, 2000

mahesh wanted me to blog

mahesh wanted me to blog the rather self-searching-chat-exercise that we had this evening. since there isnt really much i’m saying these days, maybe it isnt a bad idea after all.

so here it is, uncensored (as if that made a difference!)

“…techrose2000: what is your general mood in life?
techrose2000: happy? sad?

ceres_chanakya: now?

techrose2000: no… generally in life
techrose2000: if you take all the highs….
techrose2000: and all the lows…
techrose2000: and average them…
techrose2000: what would it be?

ceres_chanakya: hmmm
ceres_chanakya: tough qtn

techrose2000: I don’t find it so tough…

ceres_chanakya: i think…most of the time…
ceres_chanakya: like now..

techrose2000: My general mood is one of happiness and content

ceres_chanakya: i’m numb
ceres_chanakya: i dont regret anything that has happened so far
ceres_chanakya: that way i think i’m content too
ceres_chanakya: and i like to be happy
ceres_chanakya: i’m more like a spectator watching each day pass by
ceres_chanakya: and my role in it
ceres_chanakya: comfortably numb

techrose2000: copy this and paste it into your journal NOW

ceres_chanakya: what

techrose2000: whatever you typed in just now is such bloggable material

ceres_chanakya: ok then i’ll paste it

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