May 24, 2000

hi! me again!

i’ve been reading and thinking a lot…no, not at the same time.
when i left bangalore i wondered if this is where my future lies…when i reached home i wondered the same. the answer, to both, was not satisfactory…in fact, if you ask me, there was no answer at all. so in effect i dont know where i belong.
but hey, maybe life is the journey, and not the destination…so well, who cares!

havent chatted with rajeev today, but i did email him…hope he had a great time at the grand canyon. i think i’m glad he’s my friend. so what if we have never met each other as yet.

will catch up with the rest of my friends tomorrow…the chipsters and dhaval and sameer and sanjeev and hari. hope sanjeev doesnt mind if harkins is around. no, i dont think he would mind…after all hagar’s a great friend to both of us too 😉

dhaval teased me about him today…asked me if i want his ph number…do i? yes. will i? i dont think so. got enough pressures to keep me occupied i guess. no, this time, i’m going to be harsh to my heart.

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