May 18, 2000

i’m hooked on to LJ!

wow! two updates within three hours!! i think i’m going to get addicted to this !

came across a ‘sher’ that reminded me of what gourav had told me one day…thought i should record it here…
it goes something like this:

“khud ko kar buland itnaa..
ke himaalay ki choti pe jaa pahunche..
aur khuda tumse puche…
bol musafir, teri merzi kya hai?”

its amazing how we come across something just when you need it the most, but dont know what…
sharmela’s quitting this month and i dont know how i’m going to handle the scene out here. but with this verse …i think NOW i’m ready to take on the challenge :-))
here’s wishing all the best to me!!

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