August 19, 2000

its been an interesting day.

its been an interesting day.

and i spent all of it trying to post just 3 (three) articles on the site, thanks to this funny program called zope.

vivek was online in the afternoon, and mahesh, vicks and me had a great conference-chat. it was fun!!! each of us making fun of each other.

tch, tch, when will we ever grow up?

vicks and mahesh (i think) discovered only today that i’ve had a taste of the what-the-boys-so-fondly-call-maryjane, and i guess they were taken by surprise. god! how i love to do this 😉

August 4, 2000

leslie and i had a

leslie and i had a serious discussion about getting serious about the site today, again. this time though, i’m going to follow this up on monday.

no, we really need this workshop i was telling leslie about. if it were not for mahesh this evening, the site would never be updated. and the best part is, those who created the mess in the first place had all left for home!

are the others really so disorganised, or do i need to put away my “maternalistic” attitude (thanks, leslie, for telling me about it) and pretend to be a wee bit aggressive?

there’s just one problem: i cannot pretend.

it seemed to be a

it seemed to be a nice day…but something’s gone wrong in zope and the homepage could not be updated. thats terrible! just because rupali didnt come today ?? i mean, cant we function normally if she (or anyone for that matter) isnt around!! doesnt the poor girl have a life??

i’m leaving for home now…its really late and i dont know if i want to take the bus 🙁
maybe i will.

August 3, 2000

waves in the ocean, thats

waves in the ocean, thats what memories are …thats why they keep coming back to the shore.

right now, its high tide…

all said and all done

all said and all done
everybody around
yet no one
now i’m back to square one.

jace says he’s not been

your space | 0 space filled | link

August 2, 2000

august 2 is fading away

august 2 is fading away too…and i still havent updated my journal for eons!

its a little late and i’m getting the usual “oh-i’ve-to-get-into-the-crowded-st bus” syndrome, which will last till i really get into it. but i’ve crossed over 270 pages of harry potter 4, and i cant wait to get back to it again!

“never fall in love with

“never fall in love with your ideas…throw it to your friends and let them shred it to pieces. if it’s comes out clean, there! you have an idea!”mahesh shantaram

i’ve been getting distracted…..waaaaaay too

i’ve been getting distracted…..waaaaaay too distracted 🙁

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