November 19, 2004

(c)all for a surprise

all the rains in june
and one evening, secretly
through the pines
the moon

it’s the middle of november. i don’t know why this koan is going around in my head tonight, but i had to get it out. these days i have been missing my friends more than i usually do…i look out for familiar faces in the town centre, and think up stories about one of them dropping home for a surprise visit. i look out of the window when i’m cooking, hoping to catch a glimpse of a familiar face walking by, so i can run after them and say “hey! it’s me, rads! what’s up?”

maybe i just need to get (even) more active, more creative with my paints (when the walls are done that is). maybe i am really missing talking to my friends…dhaval, malini, deepak, gulnar, ganesh, sanjeev, siy…maybe 3:45 am is not a good time and the pain is not letting me sleep…maybe i need to stop rambling and go to bed anyway.


on the brighter side…

my wishjar is ready and waiting to be opened.

like all dutiful wives, i have been taking care of my husband and my home with lot of love and care. apart from all the laughter and tears we have had together, for three long years, i have tried to accept the fact that praveen needs to learn about gifts and surprises, and i certainly have been happy with what i already have.

so for our third anniversary next week, i decided to be a leetle more practical instead, and this is what i did:

tore a single a4-size paper into tiny square chits, and wrote a wish on each one of them. these are not wishes for the moon or stars or world peace, but simple wishes for little surprises that go a long way in making me very happy. then i folded them all and dropped them in one of the pringlesdabbas i usually use as piggy banks (complete with a neat hand-made slit for pound-coins or loose change lying around). then i wrote down some basic instructions like “…open the box, slide your hand in and pick out a chit. use it to make my day!”

i know, i know, it’s selfish of me etc etc, but it’s the only way to keep us both happy! for one, it spares him the ordeal of thinking of *what* to buy me and how to surprise me, and then get beaten for getting me something totally un-explainable (like chocolate chip muffins for karva chauth!)…besides, in a way i have forgotten of what wishes i have dropped in the box already, so i still can pretend i am surprised! i also added a note above the box that the wishes are ‘best before’ april 2005, so hopefully, one of us would have learnt something by then …

for now, i am quite excited and i think it will work. will keep you posted so you can try this at your home too 😉


  • Colors said:

    Hey! Happy Anniversary!!
    May ALL your wishes come true!

    Taking this chance to let you know that I really like reading your blog. I like the cheerfulness and reading it kinda makes my day.

    Have fun!

  • radhika said:

    colors! hi, i love colours too, although with a ‘u’ 😉

    thanks for your wishes. i liked the idea of using a colour for your mood everytime you post…be it pink or grey! cool idea really 🙂

  • The Mottai Boss aka Kaatss said:

    Wish you a very happy anniversary.

    Its a nice idea and if I may add “brilliant idea”. I encourage you to spread this around ;).

    Have fun guys.

  • Roshan Joseph said:

    Hey Radhika.. I came across your blog of yore when I googled for treks to THIPPAGONDANAHALLI near Bangalore. You had gone there some time in 2000 and that’s the part of your blog I started out reading. That bit was interesting and so was the ‘bethesda church’ you went to later that day.. well, that prompted me to read more.. then came the silk-list discussion, and synesthesia. I think it was around that point that i got hooked on to your blog a few hours earlier. Your writing stands out fresh, honest and irresistibly interesting; may be it’s because I share a lot of your interests that I think so. 🙂

    For someone who didn’t seem to believe much in marriage some time back in 2000, it was nice to read how things had turned out by Nov 19, 2004. Happy Anniversary to u and Praveen! 🙂 In fact, I started reading the neoalchemist blog; so, I am not the only one around with ‘hairy tale’ episodes in life, huh!!

    I suppose you are from Kerala.. I mention that coz I am very much ‘malayalee’ myself though I live in Bangalore now.

    hey, could you do me a favour and tell me how to get to bethesda church (if you still remember it ie;).. I have already googled .. can’t seem to find anything relevant.

    hope you are having a good time where ever you are. later then…

  • Chakra said:

    Hey.. Very Happy Annivesary both of u! Wishing u many more years of joy!!

    your idea is really goood.. i wd direct my wife here and get a pringles dabba ready.. she too feels that i need to learn a lot in gif*ts.. didn’t they say, men are from mars & women are from venus ?

  • radhika said:

    thank you all guys…mottai boss, chakra and roshan 🙂

    the anniversary is on the 25th of this month, but since as a rule i do not say no to gifts and wishes i will accept them with all my heart. thanks again everyone 🙂

    as for whether or not the wishjar idea works, i have two more days to wait and find out 😉 but yes, it is a brilliant idea isn’t it!? i even patted myself for coming up with it :-))

    roshan, i have emailed my friend eby for the name of the (bethesda church) road in bangalore. will let you know as soon as he replies.

  • Colors said:

    Hey Radhika,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to know u liked the ‘colourful’ idea :-).

    Hope you have a good time. Looking forward to your new post.
    Keep smiling!

  • Tamanna said:

    Interesting blog… visit this sometime, u might like it, .. you may not… ummm… anyways…. here’s the link – cheers

  • Chitra said:

    dear radhika,
    hope you get this mail. i am not that computer or IT savvy , so can’t figure out if this is the right or proper way to respond.
    i have been browsing thru pages for a friend of mine and i came across your blog, interesting!

    i belong to kerala, am in UK just till next august, am a doctor doing serious research for a change and loved your writings

    hope you find time to reply

    wanted to let you know
    and if possible get to know you- your writings, paintings

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