September 13, 2001

all right world, wait for me!

yesterday… (and for about three weeks before)

this is not working out.

i thought that by quitting my job i would get more time for myself, and i’d be able to spend time on all the hobbies that interested me. but that’s not happening.

it’s amazing how useless you begin to feel once you are out of a six-year career and at home. why! if i die right now, no one will even know the difference!

there must be a way out. for starters, i have decided to cut down on coffee and tv.


wow! i just enrolled myself in a library, driving school and a pottery workshop. all i had to do was get out of the house!

would it be a coincidence — that the first book i came across in my new library made me sit up and realise why i was so frustrated and depressed about life? somebody had simply moved my cheese!

hmm, learning of the day:
the world does not stop for anyone. perhaps you can get off and take a break sometime.
don’t forget where you got off though; and even if you do, just jump back in. you’re sure to find out soon enough.

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