November 27, 2000

success is relative; the more the success, the more the relatives…

my cousin venkatesh (well, technically, my uncle) landed in mumbai along with my 75yrs-plus grand-mama (mom’s young-at-heart mama), venky’s friend lokesh and lokesh’s sis-in-law vanit(h)a. they are here to attend anjani’s wedding. anjani is sanjeev’s sister.

though they are my relatives, they stayed at sanjeev’s place, and will be there for another 3 days. not everyone in my house is happy with the arrangement. so what if they have come just for anjani’s marriage and have been invited to stay there…

when families are young, and kids are well, kids, visiting relatives mean a lot of fun and play, and yummy food.

kids do all the math then…who pulled whose ear, who cheated in the game, who lost, and who got to sit on uncle’s lap. the grown ups play the referees, spoiling the game, uninvited.

when kids grow up, the grown up do all the arithmatic.

and its fun no more.

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