November 22, 2000

o boy! at last, an adventure!!

last night, we were caught by the police.

it was almost 12:00 am when we left for home. mahesh invited parag over and so the three of us managed to get a lonely auto to safal.

on our way we were stopped by a rather arrogant policeman who hid behind a huge machine gun (or was it what they call a sten-gun? well, it certainly was no revolver for sure). with him there were two equally horrible-looking accomplices in civilian clothes.



i could feel my childhood hatred for policemen and doctors (which for me is still one of life’s unsolved mysteries), resurface almost instantly, and i stubbornly asked him why he wants to know…

HUMKO puchta hai?? arre tum ko section 151 mein daal dun kya? he growled back

i got the message, so what if he’d just thrown some random number at me!

the questions that followed reminded me so much of my grandmom…

yeh koi time hai office se aane ka? kaunsa type ka office hai ye? kya kaam karte ho tum?

parag was asked to get down from the auto, i decided to stay in, and so did mahesh who found the whole situation “hmm, interesting…” but could not contribute to our session because of the language-gap.

fifteen minutes of trying to convince him that we were just harmless journalists at a technology portal and not terrorists, he calmed down.

perhaps he was new, perhaps he was concerned…he told us to either stay in the office if it gets late, or go home early. perhaps he was a policeman.

one thing was clear. efforts were being taken to make nerul a safe place to live in.

anyways, we left, a little amused, a little shaken, but thankful, and very hungry.

but it wasn’t over yet.

anshul (mahesh’s room mate) was fast asleep, and never responded to our frantic and desperate knocking and banging the door. our food (mahesh and i share a dabba) was locked in, and we were locked out.

sighhh…but how boring life would be, if not for these little (mis)adventures 😉

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