November 19, 2000

hot drinks? no thanks. but hey, hot chocolate will be fine.

just read a few conversations exchanged between some journos at a farewell party for madhu menon (no i havent met him, not yet).

gawd! drinking sessions are so predictable…

and to think that not more than a year ago, i used to frequent such sossled meetings, all because i wanted to be around my ‘friends’, listening silently, to what they would never speak when not-drunk…like cowards.

anil, ivor, sandeep, rajneesh…no, you havent changed one bit.

i have.

ps: boy! am i glad i’m out of those pseudo-journo + pr “lets-talk-over-a-drink” evenings, and out of the pub too 🙂

November 18, 2000

siy made my day :-))))

no one but the master of surprises could have got me those colourful balloons for my birthday last year, and a picture taken with the tongawallah, after convincing him it was for the front page of bombay times 😉

i wrote to my “siydoc” when i happened to come across an old “happy friendship day” email while i was organizing my mailbox this afternoon, and a found a reply in my inbox before i could even anticipate a response !!

sanjay ‘siy’ yalavatti, its GREAT to hear from you again 🙂

i guess it not only CRM we should care about in this hectic e-age. what really keeps us going is CPRM, or continuous personal relationship management. every once in a while, we need to oil and polish those rusted hinges on which our social life hangs. and you never know, perhaps the person on the other side has not forgotten you either.

sometimes, when you try to shut out the past, its associations seem to get shut out earlier, and those are what you need the most

November 17, 2000

blogger’s block, blocked blogger’s blog…

somehow i know once i get past this, i’ll resume blogging again 🙂

November 6, 2000

life is beautiful…

amma, achchan and deepu came home this morning, and we patched up without mentioning a thing about last night’s argument. (they were upset because of the late night show i went to)

mahesh joined us later, and we all had coffee, hot chocolate and pavarotti…

hmm, looks like my parents finally appreciate my house (er, home), my need for a music system, my music system, and my friends.

perhaps i have grown more independent, but my parents still love me, and i love them too.

November 5, 2000

never again!!

had a nasty quarrel with my parents …on the telephone!

for the first time, i hung up the phone on my dad, called again to patch up, and hung up on my mom again!!

have i grown so independent that i dont have to patience to hear them out and understand them as i used to?


didn’t go home today.
tried to turn my house into one instead…
got it cleaned and washed for rs 200.

and then i pampered myself by buying a sony music system for rs 3,500 😉

November 4, 2000

the roads less travelled…

going to town is always a new adventure each time.
wonder why the memory lanes never seem to change.

for the first time…

finished work early and preeti, mahesh and i left for town as late as 6 pm.

visited planet m for the umpteenth time, where i purchased a four-cassette-oldies set for myself. (guess i might buy a music system for myself as well 😉

went for a 10:00 pm late night movie called life is beautiful

caught the 12:49 am last train to vashi, just in time.

November 3, 2000

i could have danced all night…

at the jasubhai over-500-people-strong diwali party…

i sang
i danced (ok ok, i also goofed up 😉
i conquered…
my stage fright.

finally, i was a participant, and from here on, i’m not a spectator anymore.

November 1, 2000

the house by the garden…

a quiet evening walk toward home.

a little house by the garden.
and an angry little fire.
three minutes.
that’s all it took for the house to disappear into nothing, and the three-member family was without a home.

and our quiet evening walk toward home only became quieter.

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