November 3, 2004

caught by the wrong foot

some days ago, my mother sent me …hundreds of little clay diyas, a box of my old fabric colours, about fifty of my favourite photographs, four chip magazines (called digit since four years, i think), and a brand new non-stick appachetti…all the way from mumbai.

it felt like a forgotten part of me had come back. it reminded me of things i had missed seeing when i was busy looking for myself…dance, music, painting…i wanted to relive those moments that had made time fly, paint away like there was no tomorrow, walk through the pictures i had taken, and just be myself for a while.

all of a sudden, i could think of millions of things to draw and paint, as if the box that arrived by courier that day contained not the terracota items but inspiration herself!

so until late that night, i sketched and shaded and erased and corrected and sketched again, trying to create the sound of dance on my workpad. somehow though, one of the two sketches didn’t seem right, yet it was my favourite. afraid that i might spoil my drawing by painting it (something i have had a reputation for), i left it untouched on the table. yesterday, i picked it up again, decided that perhaps painting it would eventually blur out the flaw that i still couldn’t see…and hunted out my two-year-old but-used-just-once-box-of-made-in-uk-watercolours.

wash after wash, colour blots, streaks and patches and two (or three?) hours later, it was ready. i was quite satisfied, except that something about it still didnt look right. at night i tweaked it a little more with some light and shade effects and left it aside again before putting out the lights. in the morning, i asked praveen if it looked okay now (for he too had agreed that something looked amiss).

five minutes later, we were both laughing. my dancing krishna has two left feet!!

the wrong bluefoot

learning of the day: in life and art, there is no [ctrl + z].


  • Rahul said:

    Make it dancing krishnas:-)

  • The Mottai Boss aka Kaatss said:

    Thats awesome painting…..i actually didnt notice that until i read the last line in your blog…

  • Das said:

    What a charming account … and picture! You know, sometimes it’s the “flaw” that makes the painting more famous 🙂

  • Chakra said:

    Like Mottai Boss, I didn’t notice that too.. awesome painting.

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.

  • Reshma said:

    the post has captured the sound of your laughter 🙂

  • radhika said:

    reshma: thanks, i still chuckle everytime i look at it 🙂

    chakra and kaatss: good to know you didn’t notice it at first. maybe i still can make some use of it?

    das: that’s a cool idea! and here i was thinking of painting the whole thing again!

    rahul! i thought of the ‘many krishnas’ excuse too :-))

  • Sameer said:

    This post had me smiling long after i finished reading it! 🙂

  • Chakra said:

    Happy deepavali to u both!

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