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Radhika Praveen » this is so embarrassing!

September 30, 2004

this is so embarrassing!

my creative-writing-class tutor just called, requesting me to get an extra copy of my homework this evening.

i asked him why, secretly wondering if he was going to pass on my writing to someone senior to have a look at and appreciate, but his reply has left me puzzled. he said it was because i had the softest voice in class and he can never hear me well when i’m reading.

sheeesh! should i feel glad that he took the trouble to call me up and ask me to get an extra copy just so he doesn’t miss out on my story? or should i feel ashamed that i can’t speak loud enough?



  • Rahul said:

    Was it a thriller? Maybe your voice went soft towards the end leaving him curious about the ending:-)

  • anonymous said:

    it is universal and nothing to be embarassed
    about. it may be you are not confident about
    your speech, i.e. accent, punctuation, delivery
    inferior self assessment, shyness, unwanted
    concern of what or how others will think of your reading. C’mon Radhika, you are born great, you have a beautiful voice (have I heard it)
    deep involvement in what you are reading,
    wonderful imagination, very good vocabulary.
    Dont suffer reading. enjoy it. let others know
    what you are reading. if your voice cannot reach the last person, stand in the middle and read, if your tutor cannot read, go near him and read, BUT READ ALOUD FOR GODS SAKE. SHARE YOUR EXCITEMENT WITH OTHERS. DONT FEEL ASHAMED, BE PROUD AND PRIVILEGED THAT YOUR TUTOR VALUES YOUR WRITING AND WANTS TO HEAR IT. DONT LET HIM DOWN.

  • herhighness said:

    hey that bada paw experiment was great…i so much want to put a adrak chai ka thela here in ALbany, NY..someday..sometime…hmm…..

  • Sukanya M said:

    U shld feel glad! take it as a compliment :-).

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