May 21, 2001

some questions are best left unanswered…

like the questions i see in most of my friends’ eyes when they wish me on my engagement. these friends have been a part of my past, as has been one special relationship.

no one understood it but the both of us. neither of us could make anyone understand what it was either, nor did we feel the need to. it has been a strange relationship. words weren’t exchanged, there were no special ‘dates’, no phone calls either. there was a silence about the entire affair that we both were comfortable in… just like that.

sometimes, somewhere along the way, like in any friendship, there was hurt, and there were tears, but again, like any true friendship, there was no anger or grudge to cling on to. some (well-meaning) friends liked to call us beauty and the beast. but we could only smile…

one of us was an aspiring joker, the other, an aspiring monk. we met on a journey we started together, which taught us a lesson in its own sweet time. we learned, understood, and we know nothing has changed. we’ll be friends forever.

because jokers and zen monks are gypsies in their own right, and they have to move on.

hmmm, so your story finally has a happy ending huh?

the joker smiled again.

every story for a joker is a happy beginning, every story for a zen monk, an interval.

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