November 18, 2000

siy made my day :-))))

no one but the master of surprises could have got me those colourful balloons for my birthday last year, and a picture taken with the tongawallah, after convincing him it was for the front page of bombay times 😉

i wrote to my “siydoc” when i happened to come across an old “happy friendship day” email while i was organizing my mailbox this afternoon, and a found a reply in my inbox before i could even anticipate a response !!

sanjay ‘siy’ yalavatti, its GREAT to hear from you again 🙂

i guess it not only CRM we should care about in this hectic e-age. what really keeps us going is CPRM, or continuous personal relationship management. every once in a while, we need to oil and polish those rusted hinges on which our social life hangs. and you never know, perhaps the person on the other side has not forgotten you either.

sometimes, when you try to shut out the past, its associations seem to get shut out earlier, and those are what you need the most

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