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Radhika Praveen » mouse grrrrouse…(continued)

April 5, 2001

mouse grrrrouse…(continued)

april 5: day 2

7:00 am
the tomato and banana were nibbled at, one of the cake-cubes was missing. must be a really hungry rat, and dumb. can you imagine it just walked right onto the specially laid-out newspaper (in the centre of the kitchen) that had its favourite food on it? i wonder what will kill it first, the rat-poison in the cake, or its absolute lack of curiosity.

8:00 am
we found a dead rat in the building near the elevator. the rat-cake literature had said rats ‘mostly’ die outside the house, three to four days after having consumed the cake. which only left the three of us puzzled, “how could it have died so soon?”

anyway, we’re going to lay dinner for the rat again tonight.

april 6: day 3
the banana is missing! another cake was eaten.

i was trying to be brave and sleep on my bed last night, but rupali and daniela strongly insisted i shouldnt. both of them have sparate bedrooms and it would not be safe to sleep in the open hall, which has just a mattress and no doors to keep the little glutton away.

this morning, i’m glad i took their advise. the pieces of rat-cake and food all over the mattress sent a shiver down my spine. it’ll take me some time to get over that…i would have been sleeping there!

and btw, we found another dead rat in the building, lying flat on its face as though it had fallen from a fatally significant height. well, we live on the third floor…

now the three of us are petrified, “who knows, there could be more than one!”


april 7: day 4

we’re beginning to get tired of this now.

i don’t know about the others, but i haven’t been able to sleep well, thanks to the nightmares happening to me again…one time i wake up startled when it jumps on my face, another time i break into a cold sweat when i see black rats running all over freshly painted white walls…

this evening, i bought a rat-trap from the hardware store. very confident that since it has been ‘conditioned’ to walk to the centre of the kitchen each night expecting food, it is very likely to walk right into the rat-trap.

setting the trap was fun. i placed the piece of tomato right behind the hook…the rat seemed to like tomatoes, but the hardware store guy instructed me to attach a piece of hard bread to the hook, so the rat would find it difficult to get it off, and when it eventually would…SNAP!

hmmm, wonder how much longer we’ll have to wait…

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