April 21, 2001

have we really grown up so fast?

when you love something
set it free
if it comes back, it is yours
if it does not, it never was.

it took me seven long (and adventurous) years, but i have now returned.
congratulations praveen, you won 🙂

ps: thank you, you naughty little cupid, for breaking the seven-year spell

our first lunch together, honest!

pps: come to think of it, ever come across someone in your life, who’s wished for something long and hard and patiently waited for it come true? what kind of a feeling must it be? and what will it be like to live with such a person?

oh, by the way, it’s official, we’re getting married! (asap ;-))

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  • saima said:

    i totally agree with…im still waiting and i wish i can say the same thing like you when my spell breaks..good luck with love

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