April 8, 2001

aaaaaaarrrrrgghhhh! she’s out cold!

ever had the feeling you know exactly what’s happening to you but have no control over it?
it happened to me this afternoon. for almost one whole hour, i was blind.

i blacked out.

my sister freaked. my parents were not at home, so she called my chitti who lives, thankfully, a couple of storeys above us in the same building. my cousins followed her…

i could hear everyone around me. i was cold from head to toe, and it felt like blood had frozen in my veins. painful cramps in my stomuch and back made me writhe on the floor, and i was told a few hours later (after discovering a nasty bump on my head), that i was banging my head on the floor.

hmm, looks like my bp needs a little pumping up, and i need a lot of rest. i’m taking the next two days off 🙂

(by the way, it feels good to know what a fright i gave everyone, and i dont think i’ll ever forget the horrified look on their faces when i came to! hee hee 😉

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