November 19, 2008


athri last month, learning to smile ‘on-demand’

happy birthday, athri kutti!

of all the days in 2008, you, your father, and i have picked today to be ill with flu. but just you bounce back to your cheeky-monkey-self; we’ll get better too, and then we’ll all have a very very aappy budday. okay? now can we have that smile again, please?

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  • Deepa Praveen said:

    Dear dearest kutti,
    YourZ is the first smile i remember in this new world (UK) and u gave me the first soft welcoming hand(still i can feel that soft warm touch)man.missing you.

    Dont frgt…
    Run athri run..(yes he is acting as running)
    Jump athri jump…(yeah he is..)
    kiss athri..(ho no…with out even looking at me he turns back and running towards Radhu,and there he is,giving the sweet kiss only to Radhu ).

    Oh..athri i miss u.

    Loads of love kutti


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