May 30, 2007

the battle of dal-chawal, and other little victories

maybe i should call it a mutiny. you would too, if you saw the yellow dal-chawal-puree flying around everywhere in this little room yesterday. and now, dried up evidences of the fight remain, only to be continued this afternoon, when i try to feed a six-month-plus athri again. spectacular yes; you haven’t even heard his war cries!

athri seems to have developed a taste for the sweet pure-fruit purees that i used to give him before his ‘chorunnu’ (rice-eating ceremony) day; the low-salt-almost-tasteless khichdi and vegetable mashes invariably end up everywhere but in his tiny stomach. sigh, one day, we will reach a settlement…

other little victories for me, and why i have not been able to blog, is that maha-20,000-word project that was leftover from my MA professional writing class last year. thanks to the series of unfortunate and not-so-unfortunate events that have occurred in the past 10-11 months, i had to push the deadline by another semester and finally, managed to submit it well on time last week.

it was multi-tasking at its best: full-time office work, looking after athri, and working on the project – a film (my first) story and screenplay for ram gopal varma (shh, don’t laugh! and i don’t know if it will reach him yet). all this along with the routine household chores, for which i had a lot of help from my dearest ‘better half’.

and now its all over. i took some days off work this month to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, and enjoy some real maternity leave that i deserved at last, and am now waiting to hear of my results.

somewhere inside, i know they don’t matter anymore. what matters is the will. the will to fight, the will to complete something that means a lot to you, the will to go on despite- and against all the ill-forces of the universe, the bonds of a young family that have only grown stronger, and the never-ending hope that everything will turn out fine in the end. and if i can do it, anybody can!

yes, i feel so much alive! and its great to be back 🙂

ps: here’s my toothless tiger with his new cushiony friend.


  • Caroline said:

    Congratulations on finishing your project! I am just about to start mine. Eeek. Athri looks absolutely gorgeous, by the way.

  • Chakra said:

    Tiger looks smashing!

  • deeps said:

    He looks so handsome…wish i could meet you all…
    miss you all :((

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