September 4, 2005

the seamstress’ story

since we are all touched by the quicktale/(virus?), whatever you call it…(have to admit ammani, it is quite contagious!)

i actually wrote this a few days ago, a week before the burglary, didn’t feel like posting it for some reason. with this restless desire i always have in my head, to want to write but not know what about, i had opened a blank page and what came out was this. just a picture in my head i guess. i still don’t like it much, not as much as i had felt it then. but now each time i open my notepad it jumps out at me, so i think i have to let it go.

…she pressed the tip of the needle into the white, willing canvas, plucking it out from the other side, pulling with it about a yard of bright shiny turquoise, pushing it back up where she could see the head like that of a naughty child’s – hiding to see if anyone’s spotted him yet. making the thread go round the needle once, she pricked the canvas again, this time more determined, confident, taking it down and up and around again. then she did this with green and red and yellow and black, and then some orange and some more brown. faster and faster, chains of stitches going round and round, up and down, and up and down.

then she stopped to sigh and take a deep breath, stretched her arm away from her face, and smiled, satisfied. here was her story.


  • Chakra said:

    hey.. what happened to your stitching lessons with your mom? are you into it?

  • radhika said:

    not yet 🙁
    we’re still looking for cloth retail/wholesale markets…like the ones we have in mumbai (hindmata at dadar, crawford market etc).

    she also finds it “sad” that the people here “don’t wear good clothes.” 😉

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