June 14, 2004


what do you have
with your hands full
a restless mind
and a backbone
of its own weight?

just for today
i thought
just one more day
skipped bowling with praveen
and my parents-in-law
stayed home to hear
the children next door
for england
(which lost, eventually)

at home
as i chopped and kneaded
scrubbed and washed
happy to be
left alone
in my space

lobo whispered
into my ear
his best songs yet


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  • lazydad said:

    hi radhika
    saw ur comment at reshmas blog and came her.. good to see u back to blogging.. i guess urs & praveens was the first real blogs that i had seen..that was long long time back..when u were stuck with the post on going home (and not wanting to ) and praveen was stuck with 100 shares stuff.. (oh i do have a good memory dont i?) and then i did send u a mail too (i am not very sure about that)..nice style ..will be back to read more..

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