December 29, 2003

quick rava dhoklas

i didn’t use the word ‘instant’ here, because no matter how easy it is to prepare the batter for dhoklas, they taste best when cooked over a long time. these dhoklas require about a 30-minute cooking time, and they’re just about enough for you and me 🙂

half cup semolina (rava)
half cup thick curd (preferably sour. if you cannot find sour curd just squeeze a few drops of lime into the batter)
one tsp ginger-chilli-garlic paste
half tsp turmeric
a pinch of baking soda
salt to taste

— mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir them well until you get a smooth and fluffy batter.
— grease a steel plate and pour the dhokla batter on to it.
— heat some water in a kadhai and place the plate inside when the water begins to boil. the batter now has to be steamed so take care that hot water doesn’t get into the plate. if it does, just reduce the amount of water in the kadhai carefully.
— cover the deep pan with a lid. place an heavy vessel onto the lid so the steam doesn’t escape easily.
— walk away from the kitchen so you are not tempted to peep into the pan every 10 minutes 😉
— your dhoklas should be ready in about 25 to 30 minutes. cut them into the desired shape when hot and garnish with fresh-grated coconut. season some oil with mustard seeds and slit green chillies, and pour over the dhoklas.

serve hot with some masala-adrak chai and enjoy!

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  • khushi said:

    we can also use an idli stand to cook the dhoklas, and then cut the idlis into quarters and add the tadka. takes 10 to 13 mins to cook this way. hope this helps.

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