August 2, 2003

daughter’s daughter

dinu and i have just discovered about father’s first wife. that dinu is her child is a fact that both she and i still hold wonderingly like a glass marble. then we rotate it, and pocket it once again… – mrinal pande, from the story abdullah.

life-like and very visual, mrinal pande’s childhood narratives even reminded me of a few of my own. the author comfortably takes you through her experiences growing up as a girl among her many cousins, most of them boys…and the differences in their lives just because she’s a daughter’s daughter. the wars among the cousins, the superstitions she does not understand, her fears on understanding that her only dear sister is her step-sister, the loving servant in her grandmother’s family are all innocent funny, gripping, and likeable experiences that are sure to strike a cord somewhere in you.

mrinal pande is known for her bi-lingual literary activities in india and a television personality.

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  • mahesh said:

    What happend to you?
    Why you were at kottakkal?
    Hope everything is alright.
    I liked the grandmas story, But the lightning accident could be true. My home in kerala is also in such a lightning prone area and we have seen a lot of such accidents.

    Could you give us(me and my wife) some hints to build a site like this.

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