March 11, 2003

getting in touch with a dear friend

dear mayu,
…i enjoyed writing to you. i hope we continue to keep in touch, and that too only through this old tradition of ‘writing’ a letter.
take care 🙂

there. sealed and waiting for the postman. a little over seven pages.

‘writing’ letters can be such a cathartic experience. especially if it is to someone who’s known you for almost all your growing life.

i think i’m going to *buy* an ink-pen one of these days, and save it along with my letterpads for my grandchildren.
how else will i explain to them what it feels like to collect your thoughts in a writing (-on-paper-) instrument, for a loved one miles away? i wonder if they will ever know what it is like to feel butterfly wings in their stomachs, when waiting for the postman, or experience the quiet magic… around a letter that is on its way to a dear old friend.

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