March 11, 2003

cry of the foetus

i still cannot get over it. perhaps this qualifies me for a creative writing course after all?
i was chatting with my mother and she asked me to try writing a poem for her innerwheel-club event.
the subject, female foeticide

my first reaction: “i’m not a writer amma! this is such a serious topic”
hers: “at least try na baba”.

well, with no brief or outline of what was expected in the poem, and for a creative five-minute outburst, mine slightly missed the mark. i’ve been asked to try again. but anyways, i thought there was nothing wrong in posting it on my journal. so here it is, my first attempt…

cry of the foetus

i could have
made you smile
wipe the tear
of joy
running down your cheek.

i could
tug at your chain
play with your hair
hide in your bosom
a place only for me
where no one could reach
drink your milk
your strength
make you feel proud…
that you let me be.

i could crawl and play
for as long as you wanted me to
make you dream
of things for me.
i could walk
on your toes
feel your skin
warm and soft
so much better
than floating in
the water here
inside you.

i can’t wait…
to hear
you laugh
when i giggle.
…to see you
see me
hear me talk
make me make
your dreams come true
when you stopped…

give me your little finger
so i can curl all of mine
around yours.
when you’re alone
you’ll still find me
holding your hand
by your side.

i’ll let you dress me
even leave you
to go to school
so i can wear big shoes
one day
and make you proud
that you let me be…

i could marry
the man you choose
and one day
in me
another me
for you.

i could share your secrets
your laughter and your fears
i could bring you
in whatever form…

at least i could try
if only
at first,
you would
let me cry.

ps: this was intended to be a pattern poem. in my word document it is. too bad i couldn’t get the tabs and spaces in here. i guess i’ll have to wait for praveen to have a look…

pps: something’s wrong with my blogger methinks. can’t get it to update my daily ‘just like that…’ box for some reason 😐

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