September 15, 2002

ramblings on a sunday morning

this is getting even more difficult than i had imagined it to be.

i’m happy to have my own space.
i’m happy i now have a job.
i’m happy i got seen on guardian uk.
i’m happy i got seen on rediff. thanks to anita 🙂
i’m happy i might soon get seen on ….. (shhh, i’m not revealing yet 😉

but i’m certainly not happy i’m not able to devote quality time to entelechy.

i have never put them on paper (or any web site, if you like), but i’m aware of the standards i have set for my journal. one of them includes a sincere attempt to not-regress into rambling…like i used to many (journal) entries ago.

i am going to set that rule aside. just for today, just like that.

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