July 1, 2002

entelechy: exploring the potential to be…

en.tel.e.chy. i fell in love with this word the moment my colleague introduced it to me three or four years ago, (thanks, raghu) and i knew it right then that it would mean a lot more to me in the future.

my favourite analogy for ‘entelechy’ is the earth (read, ceres). the process of entelechy is always unfolding…that ceramic piece on your desktop for example is nothing but clay (which comes from the earth) that is treated. it has the potential to take the shape of any form your hands decide…be it a vase, a pot, a dish, a creative piece or art, whatever.

we come across many turns in life. some of us look at them as hurdles, some choose to ignore them, while some view them as opportunities. what you choose to do with the situations in your life, decides your entelechy.

the process of entelechy will never end, and that’s why i chose this name…

over the plus-two years that i am on an online journal, i guess i’ve grown out of the spontaneous posts — a common initial habit with most new bloggers. my entries, though irregular, have always been sincere and, often extend into lengthy prose or (attempted) poetry. the two redesigns that my journal has gone through, both almost overnight by my friend mahesh, have proved that nothing can be more motivating for a blogger than a new design to toy with. this, i’m sure most of you’ll agree.

with mahesh away in mumbai, and me here in london, this time i was left to do the design(s) myself, but that was not half as difficult as having to convince praveen that he could convert them into real html codes or basic javascripts. and that my ideas, on paper and microsoft’s powerpoint, were not really as ambitious as they seemed to him. (of course, i knew he could do it all along 😉 and so, five months into the purchase of this domain name, and three to four attempts in designing, re-designing, dropping something here or adding something there, the mega-journal-project is finally online.

my three main objectives through radhikapraveen.com are also the most obvious:

a) little things make me happy or sad, though i don’t necessarily hold on to it. just being aware of the moment makes it go by so quickly i hate to let it go unnoticed. but however hard i tried, my conscience would just not permit me to write a one-line account of what made my day. i just have to plan, draft, research, edit and then let the words flow to fill a picnic, an adventure, or an event.

with my new space in blogger, i have the flexibility to keep both me and my conscience happy.

b) confession: there’s something very ‘earthy’ about a manual slr, and i still miss the metallic “khachack” of my father‘s yashica fx3. but i also have to admit: as an amateur photographer, i shoot a lot of pictures even with my digital camera, and i’m not being fair if i don’t share my photo albums online, right? well, this new design takes care of that too.

i’ve tried to maintain a chronological order for the images, with the most recent ones being on top, but i’ve also tried to make the albums and the pictures in it as simple and user-friendly and, in the process, shuffled some of the pictures accordingly. as i mentioned before, there are many pictures, and you’ll see a lot more albums soon. for now though, you might also see a new image when you refresh the page.

c) thirdly, the design. suddenly there seems to be so much activity on my journal, and with a practical white background i’ve hoped to keep the clutter off the eye, with only #ff6633 to provide the necessary contrast.

i guess that’s that for now. go ahead, explore my space and send me your comments and suggestions. after all, the process of entelechy never ends…

it’s just like that 😉

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