August 26, 2001

ban the almanac; dates belong to calendars

we were to leave for bangalore this morning, but all our plans for shopping and the kerala detour have been cancelled indefinitely.

i find it strange, no, perhaps more amusing.

my parents insisted on leaving this morning because they considered “auspicious” the period between august 16 and september 3. any date after that again falls into a bad phase or the pitru paksh, they said, which is connected with the dead, departed souls and decay.
september 18 onward again, according to them, marks the beginning of a “good” period.

what is auspicious? what is good and what is bad? who decides these dates and for whose convenience? will someone come up with an answer then, to why my sister fell off her scooter and hurt herself at such an “auspicious” time?

in the year 2001, the people in this country, why, my own parents are bound by these blind beliefs, thanks to the household almanac… even if they happen to house a trendy imac, or nurse a ‘revolutionary’ business like network 21 or amway.

and i am supposed to grow up?

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