August 25, 2001

like a bridge over troubled waters…

mahesh left for bangalore early this morning. after he returns, things are going to be very different, because i’m going home too. i quit yesterday.

mahesh and i have been more than just colleagues or ‘best’ friends…we have had our great moments, and we have battled our cold wars too… we patched our differences often thinking that the other had come to make up first, and then we laughed our hearts out, crying, scolding and calling each other names.

at home during my engagement in june, we exchanged surprised glances when my mother introduced him to family members and friends saying “he’s so much like a brother to her. they know each other since three or four years now.” actually, we met just a year ago as colleagues at zdnet india. but that’s how well he knows me, my strengths, and my weaknesses…

one day, he said he’s going to change me. and that he’s decided to adopt larry ellison’s ‘drill-down’ “management-by-ridicule” method to teach me to grow up and be independent, and guess what, it worked (well, ok, at least 86.236 percent, right?).

he’s been a serious teacher and i, a willing but very difficult student. ummm, for my part, i put sincere effort into cooking (since three weeks ;-), and he’s been an obedient guinea pig…trusting me completely with what i cook, encouraging me with wishlists for paneer dishes and packs of ready-to-make caramel custard for dessert 🙂

it is not easy to define our “laurel-and-hardy” friendship. but, as our friend swapna puts it, “…it’s the ‘purest relationship’ i have ever known”.

hmm, i know things will be very different some months from now, even more some years from now. i also know, that people come, and people go. but mahesh, you’ll always remain the only best friend i grew mad at so often, and i think i am going to miss your classes for a long time to come.

thanks mattoo, for everything 🙂

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