August 25, 2001

finally, i’m home…

4:30 pm.
last day at b-7, 302, safal complex, sector 19a, nerul.

i can’t help being honest with myself. it’s something that comes to me naturally.

as my father helped me shift some of my stuff this afternoon, i realised that i’m going to miss coming back to my home in nerul, perhaps even more than leaving for office everyday.

but there’s no time to brood over it now. it’s almost 5:00 pm. after achchan drops me home, i have to unpack and then pack again for our little shopping vacation for tomorrow…our itinerary will be something like bangalore-kerala-bangalore. i’ll be meeting my cousins and friends…gulnar and umesh plan to join us for the kerala trip.

right now, my back is killing me, but i’m very excited 🙂

7:45 pm.
amma, i know you have been waiting for this day. i am home.

it’s been almost six years that i have been working…coming home at wierd hours, just to eat, sleep and leave for work the next day. then i moved to bangalore and then to nerul, reducing even our few hours of interaction.

well, now i’ve quit, and moved back home. i know i’m here just for two more months, but that’s not on my mind right now. i’m hungry, excited and want to spend some quality time with you all.

let’s get packing 🙂

9:30 pm.

my sister just called. she’s met with an accident.


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