January 29, 2001

what a weekend!

i just knew it was too good to be true. the two-day weekend at home was never to be.

shvetank wanted us to do a story on the earthquake, and the role played by technology in disaster management.

i wanted to be home, but the idea of researching and writing a story after a long time was too tempting. anyways, i had no choice – boss’s orders 😉

so prachi and i walked our feet to the office on saturday, surfed till the connection let us down, and we camped that night at hemu’s place. amma made yummy pav bhaji for all of us, and we had it one hour past midnight.

after a late late night (read, 4 am), we slept. got back to the story at around 8 am. just after lunch, there was a power cut again. aaaaaarrgh! cant we have computers that run on batteries?

deepu and i left at 7 pm to get mahesh, his luggage and his bike from vt station.

reached nerul, and slept without dinner.

it was a hectic weekend, and we did manage to put up a comprehensive article the next morning.

for once i did something other than editing and updating the home page,
for once i got to do what i love to: research. (the story could have been a lot better, though.)

and that will happen only when i get down to writing more.

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