January 26, 2001


had i not been talking to deepu over the phone this morning, i’d really get scared. she called at 8:45, wanting to know what time i’m coming home (thane).

i’d just woken up and suddenly i thought i was hit by one of those giddy spells again. everything was going round and round, and fast. while i could hear my sister’s voice on the phone, i wasn’t listening.

then i heard the chimes ring wildly, and that’s when it struck me. something was wrong. i had shut the windows last night because it was rather chilly, so if there was no wind, to what were the chimes swinging?

i yelled over the phone: “deepu! earthquake!! do you feel it?”

she had not realised it till then. about twenty-four kms away from nerul, at ravi estate in thane (where my family lives), the ceiling fans were swinging wildly. deepu was excited, achchan was terrified.

we teased him then, unaware of the plight of the unlucky thousands who lived at the epicentre of the quake.

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