January 21, 2001

where there is a will, there is a friend…

my visit to jayashree’s house made me realise how aloof i had become from the rest of my friends at school and college.

since it was a sunday and i was alone at home in thane, i decided to call mayura. we were neighbours for over 13 years. she got married three years ago, and advait is 11-month old now.

i did not have her phone number, and there was no one i could ask, so i tried all possible combinations of the numbers i vaguely remembered belonged to her.

twenty minutes and at least six wrong numbers later, her husband picked up the phone. he said he’d give her the message, because she was coaxing advait to sleep. (i shuddered, marriage really makes a woman out of a person. will i ever be ready for it?)

ten minutes later, mayura called…she thought her husband was joking.

i was glad i took the initiative to call her up. like jayashree, she had a lot to say too. we spoke for two whole hours. but that is just for now…

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