December 14, 2000

happy moments are made of these…

i dont remember the time, but it was early december 14, just some time time after a late game of scotland yard…

so, radsidoo, why don’t you wear something new for your “date” tomorrow?

i dont have a new dress, besides, i don’t have the time

so why dont you buy one on your way to vt tomorrow?

nah…no time for that, have to meet rajeev in the evening.

but its your birthday on 15th!

thats ok, i’ll get a new one later. right now, i dont have the time for it.

no time, sure?


no time, even to get it out of my bag?

GASP!! but how…? when did you…?

gawd! i LOVE surprises!

thank you, mahesh, for making my day 🙂

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